Never miss an email again.

MailEcho uses AI to keep track of your existing Gmail inbox and instantly surfaces any urgent emails as text messages.

MailEcho wants to meet at 4pm today!
Can you meet at 4 today? It's urgent!

Powerfully simple.

How it works

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1. Connect your inbox
MailEcho uses the secure Oauth2 protocol to connect to your email inbox.
2. Configure your preferences
Let us know what's important so we only send you relevant alerts.
Optionally set up custom filters based on topics, senders, or keywords to override our presets.
Send notification
3. Set and forget
MailEcho will notify you in real-time when it spots something important. Longer emails will be summarized to save you time reading.

Instant setup.


$3 per month
Includes 3 inboxes
$5 per month
Includes 10 inboxes
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24/7 live support
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Built on trust. Dedicated to privacy.

MailEcho connects to your email via the secure Oauth2 protocol. Our database is secured with row level security, and your data is encrypted with AES-256.
Access to your inbox is only used to provide you with notifications. Rest assured, we never store or log your emails.