July 12, 2023

Echoes of the Unread: The Digital Dread

Neima Mogadas

In this poem, we explore the haunting anxiety and resonating embarrassment birthed from an important email gone unread. A chilling portrayal of the digital era's unique dread, it articulates the terror gnawing in the shadows of potential consequences, exposing the poignant fear of uncertainty.

Awoken in night’s icy grasp, a cold, veiled threat, A jolt of dread; an important missive unchecked. In the haunted veil of obscurity, I am alone, An email lost in digital catacombs, the message unknown.

Words of importance, unseen, imprecise, As errant as wind-chased paper, dancing in demise. An unseen message, a hidden transmission, Its unknown consequence shaking my condition.

Shame's ember burns, a scarlet sign, In the darkened theatre of the eerie night-shine. Embarrassment is a phantom lurking in the dance, Waiting for your misstep, seizing its chance.

Oh, the fear of consequence, a gnawing beast, Like bitter winter wind that never truly ceased. A predator stalking on the trail of regret, Escalating, intensifying, the unseen threat.

In the spectral stillness of the midnight hour, The remorse of the unread, the unseen power. Touches the mind, pricks the heart, A digital duet's discordant part.

An email missed is an echo's call, In silence, it whispers the potential of fall. More than a chorus of blunders, it sings, The dread of an echo that consequence brings.